images/pt01.jpgPathein (Bassein) is the captial of the Ayeyarwady delta region, and gateway to both Chaungtha and Ngwe Saung beaches. The Ayeyarwady Division is known as the rice bowl of the country and the landscape is predominately rice fields with other colourful crops such as sesames, groundnuts, jute, maze, pulses, tobacco, and chilies. Pathein is well known for its production of a unique parasol that locals call "Pathein Hti", and for its distinctive art in pottery. The city is situated in the Ayeyawaddy Delta, about 190 km west of Yangon and can be reached by road, rail and waterways.

Mawtinson Pagoda

images/pt02.jpgThe Mawtinson is the most famous pagoda in Pathein. If you follow the Pathein River untill it empties into the Adman Sea you’ll reach Cape Mawtin (Mawtinson), where a large festival is hosted during the lunar months of Tabodwe in February and March. On the seaside of the cape is a sandy beach where the revered Pagoda Mawtinson is located. It is very surprising to note that the pagoda is water-logged all year round except in the days of its annual festival. The seawater pulls back from the pagoda area during the festival and gives leeway for vendors to set up stalls to sell various local products, food, and other delicacies. Once the festival is over, the water returns and engulfs the beach once more; making the pagoda look like it was built in the sea.

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