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How to get into Myanmar

Currently Yangon International Airport is the major entry point into Myanmar. There are direct air-links connecting Yangon with Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, China and Vietnam.

Passport and visa:

01Visitors must have a valid passport (at least 6 month from date of entry in to Myanmar) EVT (Entry Visa for Tourist) can be obtained at any Myanmar Embassy/Consulate offices or upon arrival at Yangon airport.

  • Tourist Visa @ US$ 30 with 28 day stay (non - extendable)
  • Business Visa @ US$ 40 with 71 day stay (extendable)
  • Social Visa @ US$ 40 with 28 day stay (extendable)
  • Transit Visa @ US$ 18 with 24 hour stay

All travelers will get a set of document by the airline which need to be filled and submit to immigration authority at Yangon and Mandalay Intl airport respectively.

Rules & Requirements for the Visa on Arrival applicant as as follows:

  • A valid passport with validation at least 6 month from the date of arrival in Myanmar
  • Passenger must have a return ticket
  • Must have an address of stay in (Yangon/Mandalay). Must stay at licensed hotel, guest house etc
  • Must have an address if stay at homes, factory or any other places other then hotel
  • Require 2 x passport photo (4x6) centimeter in size which must not be more then 6 months old
  • Must be able to obey the law of Union of Myanmar including rules and regulation laid down by ministry of immigration
  • Children under 7 years will be exempt from visa fee
  • FIT traveler must have proof of cash minimum US$ 300 or equivalent of other currency for single person or minimum US$ 600 or equivalent of other currency f travel in family
  • Traveler must obey the the visa rules and regulation
  • Must refrain from entering in to off-limited areas

Custom's formalities on arrival:

02Regulations are generally relaxed for tourists arriving by air in Yangon. Visitors must complete immigration and customs declaration forms during the flight and submit these on arrival. All foreign currencies (if bring more then US$ 2000) may be declare at Custom. Traveler's check, jewelry, cameras and electronic goods etc must be recorded on the customs form which may be checked on departure. Bringing in or taking out Myanmar currency is not allowed. Gems and jewellery purchased from authorized dealers are allowed to be taken out however antiques are not allowed to be taken out of the country.


The national language is Myanmar. English language is not widely spoken except for the tourist areas such as airports, hotels and tourist sites. Our guides are multilingual but we provide only English language guide on most trekking routes.

Currency and exchange:

03Myanmar currency is Kyat and the denominations are K-1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 & 1000. The official exchange rate is around 6 Kyat to one US dollar however current market exchange rate could be as high as 200 time of the official exchange rate. Generally larger denomination is better but old, torn and stained notes are difficult if not impossible to use in Myanmar. Myanmar currently under US economic sanction thus using any type of credit cards and travelers checks is not possible. Some of the International hotels and their outlets may accept credit card for payment against purchase but not cash draw back.

Airport tax:

04Departure tax for international flights is US$-10 per person, payable in US dollar only.


Inoculation & vaccination:

05Medical certificates of inoculations are essential especially for visitors coming from an infected area or yellow fever zones. Vaccination certificate is not necessary.


06Overseas calls can be made through International direct dial phones available at Telephone offices and hotels. Internet and e-mail can be available at most hotels and internet cafés in Yangon. Once you are in up country excess via email is getting limited however IDD fax service is available at most hotels in up country. At present the local GSM network does not support global network therefore using your global mobile phone is not possible in Myanmar.


Myanmar is a considerably large country with descent road networking although road are often bad condition. There are several luxury buses plies between Yangon and all major cities in Myanmar. There are three domestic airlines serve all major tourist destinations. Myanmar has a great river system and both express ferries and luxury cruises are plying both schedule and charter basis. Private taxis are available in Yangon and other major cities however, they do not have meter. Be sure to negotiate the fare before getting. Taxis can also be hired for day outings at a fixed price. Hotels can organize taxis or private cars. These two-seater tricycles are a fun way to see the sites but they mostly have limited access with in the cities. Be sure to negotiate the fare before getting on. Bicycles can be rented from bike shops or hotels by the hour or day.

Business hours:

07Banks open at 10:30 till 14:00, Monday through Friday. Government offices open at 09:30 till 16:30 Monday through Friday. Most private offices open at 09:30 till 17:00, Monday through Friday and 09:30 till 12:00 on Saturday. Offices are close on Sunday and public holidays.


08The same precautions as anywhere else. Drink only bottled or boiled water, avoid eating raw vegetables, and eat fruits that you can peel or cut yourself. It's important to use insect repellent to keep mosquitoes away which could cause malaria and in the worse scenario case dengue fever. Use sunscreen literally when exposed to the intense, tropical sun. A 24-hour, medical clinic, with internationally trained medical staff is available in Yangon. However such facility is limited once you leave the capital city.

Food and drink:

09Myanmar has many excellent restaurants specializing in Myanmar, Chinese, and Indian food. European Myanmar Food & Drinkcuisine is available some specialized restaurants or at most of the larger hotels. The basic Myanmar food is mainly rice and curry. The Myanmar style of food is served a large assortment of dishes from which you can pick and choose. Myanmar curries may be spicy and salty to non-Myanmar as the condiment "Nga-Pi" dried and fermented fish or shrimp paste that can be very much an acquired taste. Popular dishes include Ohn-Nnoh-Khauk-Swe, noodles served with coconut milk gravy, and Mohingah, rice noodles served with fish gravy. Another Myanmar favorite dessert is Sanwin-Ma-Kin (Myanmar sweet cakes made with semolina, sugar, egg, butter, and coconut). Myanmar also enjoys tea. Myanmar tea may be in general strong, sweet and over-milked to foreigners. Chinese food is10 popular among Myanmar and there are Chinese restaurants in almost every town. Indian food likMyanmar Foode Kebabs, Birani are also popular with Myanmar palate. Myanmar are, like most Asians, great snackers and thus in the evening, there will be many roadside stalls selling various tasty snacks. Remember that Myanmar is a relaxed culture and service is usually much slower than Westerners are used to. The local beer are of very good, though it's not always served ice cold. Locally produced rum, vodka and gin are of good quality. Imported spirits are also available but are rather expensive, so if you have a favorite brand, consider using your duty-free allowance to bring a bottle with you. Imported famous brand name such as Coke and Pepsi are available only in large restaurants in main cities. Diet and decaffeinated beverages are not available in Myanmar. Coffee is usually instant.  

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